Luxe Bear

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Luxe Bear

Receive a Sacred Healing Bear with pouch and gemstone that is focused on Healing, Love, Wealth and Prosperity

  • Precious gemstones included
  • Faceted 16 carat Ruby SI clarity
  • Sacred Healing Bear created and birthed in ceremony
  • Pouches and gemstones infused with prayer
  • Personalized prayers included for recitation



 Remember to introduce yourself to your new best friend and ask it specifically for assistance in what you seek.


The Pouches

Extra prayers for Love are offered within a special ceremony. The pouch is consecrated and made ready to hold its content of a Rose Quartz tumbled stone.  Rose quartz is known as the “love stone”.  It helps attract love in all its forms and balances the heart chakra.


Extra prayers for Healing are offered within a special ceremony. The pouch is consecrated and made ready to hold its content of an Amethyst tumbled stone.  Amethyst is known to have very strong cleansing and healing properties. It is a protective and calming stone.  The pouch may be worn by both the bear and its best friend.


Extra prayers for Wealth and Prosperity are offered within a special ceremony. The pouch is consecrated and made ready to hold its content of a Green Aventurine tumbled stone.  Green Aventurine has to do with luck and prosperity. It gives a winning outlook and energy that improves the likelihood of success across all parts of your life.


What’s Included:

Each bear is an individual, and no two are exactly alike. Bears are hand sewn from fleece fabric.

Each bear is birthed on a full or new moon and is saged in ceremony. In one part of the ceremony the bears are drummed over by a native made bear skin drum and infused with Reiki healing energy by a Reiki Master. Inside each is a pouch with turquoise, garnet quartz, spearmint, and sweet grass, each herb and gemstone chosen for its healing qualities.  

Turquoise for its self- acceptance and serenity.  The healing power of turquoise is focused on clearing the mind and relieving stress.  Turquoise is a spiritual balm for a heart that's been chopped up by old emotional wounds or chronic stress.  
Garnet attracts love, emotional healing and empowerment.  Sweet grass is for peace and unity and sweetness in one’s life.  
Quartz enhances the energies of the other stones.  
The energy of spearmint opens and releases emotional blocks in the etheric level which helps bring balance.
Approximate dimensions are 11 inches tall and 10 across.

Historically, Ruby was considered more precious than diamonds. It is associated with the sun and therefore thought to keep mental and physical health. The red color is a heart-centered stone of love that helps attracts love. It is known as a talisman of passion, prosperity and protection. Folklore is that as long as you are carrying a piece of Ruby, wealth will never depart.


Luxe Bear