Creation Story

How did sacred healing bears come to be?

I was going through a difficult time in my life and I wanted a bear to cuddle that was made of a native fleece print. Unfortunately, I couldn't find someone to create it for me. So I decided to make it myself.  I found some patterns online. I then decided to make it a spiritually based healing object.  And that I wanted to birth it in ceremony and sacred space, with healing gemstones as well. After creating prototypes and my own bear, spirit made it clear that I should continue to create and sell these unique bears.  Native Healing Bears, now Spirit Artist was born.


The process I now use to create and birth the bears is as follows. During creation only certain positive kinds of music are played. Prior to ceremony I ceremonially cleanse myself and the space to be used. A ceremonial circle is set. Singing bowls also assist to cleanse the space further. In ceremony the bears are cleansed with sage and offerings of corn meal and tobacco are given to Great Spirit. Bears are drummed over with a bear skin drum and with a buffalo rattle. Each bear is given 7 chakras and the four directions, as well as Reiki symbols. Each bear is breathed into life, and clapped over to set everything in place. They each receive a blessing before the ceremony and circle is closed.