Love • Peace • Passion

The Love Bear

Love comes when you are at peace with yourself. The Love Bear brings you the energy of love and passion to help you create sparks.

The Healing Bear

Healing is most effective when love & prayer are present. The Healing Bear brings that warmth directly to you no matter where you are. Never be alone.
Wealth • Prosperity • Success

The Wealth Bear

Wealth and prosperity can be a state of mind or beingness. The Wealth Bear brings to you confidence, and the energy of wealth to create your success.

Our healing bears begin their journey in a ceremony of Native Medicine, Reiki, and love, before they go out to find their new best friends.


This healing bear stays with me while I sleep bringing peace To my sometimes restless nights. The quality and craftsmanship of this bear is above and beyond my expectations. Each stitch done by hand to create an exquisite blessed bear to treasure always, and I will. Thank you so much.

Shari Fairchild

I have been honored and privileged to receive one of your healing bears. The medicine in the bears is so palpable.

Brandy Winn



Each bear is breathed into life, and clapped over to set everything in place. They each receive a blessing before the ceremony and circle is closed.

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